Clickfunnels Backpack by Russell Brunson-
Clickfunnels Backpack by Russell Brunson-Affiliate Platform for Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Backpack is an affiliate marketing platform integrated as a separate application into the ClickFunnels system and is only available to Etison Suite users. The Etison Suite is the most advanced Clickfunnels program which is normally 297$ monthly but with it, you basically get three products with no limitations ClickFunnels, Backpack(Affiliate Program) and Actionetics(Email Auto-Responder)

Clickfunnels Backpack is a Clickfunnels Proprietary affiliate marketing platform for Clickfunnels Etison Suite users only, where they can build Affiliate program of any Funnel in a quick time and can customize it as they like, in a short period of time.

Building an Affiliate Program for your Funnel with ClickFunnels Backpack upgrade or whatever product you want your affiliates to promote is as easy as building a funnel in Clickfunnels, You just have to add two simple pages to your funnel to create an affiliate program to that funnel.

Having an Affiliate Program for your product or service can increase your earnings many times.

The Main Reason People Are Moving Their Affiliates To Clickfunnels Backpack:

The backpack uses an Affiliate incentive we call “sticky cookies” to keep your affiliates happy, loyal, and continuously sending traffic your way!




For example, a customer purchases a product through your affiliate link, he/she earns a commission for that product, PLUS commission if the customer purchases additional products down the road anytime for life. 

That customer’s information (and sales commission) will “stick” with the SAME affiliate, even if they didn’t use a special affiliate link to buy additional products. 

Here are some screenshots on how Clickfunnels Backpack Works


I am going to show you How to Set Up the Clickfunnels Backpack Affiliate Program and Get it Ready for Your Affiliates in Less Than 15 minutes!

step 1-Clickfunnels-Backpack

Commission Plan:

You first have to decide what percentage of each sale you want to offer your affiliates.  The more you pay to your affiliates, the more likely you will be able to find good and loyal affiliates.

Usually, people pay affiliates anywhere from 30% up to 70% OR MORE OR LES of each sale depending on the product!

You can structure your commission plan as you wish.

How to Set It Up

Step (i) Create A “Commission Plan”

Clickfunnels Backpack makes it Super EASY to set whichever commission plan you want! In just a few clicks, your commission settings will be sett and saved, and ready for your affiliates to start promoting! 

Inside your ClickFunnels Click BACKPACK and then, simply select the “Commission Plans” tab.

Then click on the “Add Commission Plan” button.

ClickFunnels-Backpack-Create A Commission Plan

Step (ii) Customize Your “Commission Plan”

Give your new commission plan a NAME(i.e Your Product Name) (so you can easily locate it from your list if you have multiple plans), and then click the “Create Commission Plan” button.

You can create as many new plans as you like (especially if you have multiple products, or want to run different Affiliate specials or contests). If you create more than one commission plan, set whichever ones you want to run as ACTIVE.

You can easily switch back and forth between commission plans as per needs, depending on which specials, launch events, promotions or webinar you want to run.

ClickFunnels-Backpack-Customize your Commission Plan

Step (iii) Add Affiliate Types

Inside Backpack, you have the flexibility to add in many different TYPES of affiliates: 

  • Regular affiliates
  • Super affiliates
  • Launch affiliates
  • JV Partners
  • Friends & Family

(You get the idea)

You can add as many types of affiliates as you like.

It gives you the ability to categorize affiliate groups, and pay your affiliates different amounts.

For example, if you have affiliates that are really good and bring you a ton of new customers, you can put them under a separate affiliate type, and pay them a higher commission or vice versa as you wish.

ClickFunnels-Backpack-Add Affiliate Types

Step (iv) Add Commission for Each Type of Affiliate

It’s EASY to set up customized commission plans for your different types of affiliates, such as regular, super or joint venture partners!

For every new affiliate type you create, simply enter in the designated commission amount that you want to pay out, you can add fixed amount or in percentage.

There’s no rocket science you need to do. No formulas that you need to figure out for affiliate commissions. It’s really simple.

Once your commission settings are saved for each affiliate type, Backpack tracks and handles ALL the math for the different commission levels, so you will never have to open a calculator!

ClickFunnels-Backpack-Add Commission For each affiliate type

Step (v) Create A Two-Tier Affiliate Program

How would you like your affiliates to recruit other people to promote your products?

Backpack allows you to have not just one, but TWO tiers of affiliate commissions!

Here’s how that works…

Tier #1 Let’s say your affiliate brings you a new customer, and you pay them 40% sales commission.

Tier #2 If that new customer promotes for you under their own affiliate link, and generates sales, the original affiliate can receive a Tier 2 commission as well (like an extra 5% or 10%!)

Not just the extra commission tier motivate your affiliates to encourage others to become an affiliate of your product or service…

…but the size of your affiliate team explodes exponentially and increase your traffic rapidly

To add your 2nd Affiliate Tier, all you need to do is select the “Add New Tier” button, and decide how much commission you want to pay out for the Tier 2 commission.

ClickFunnels-Backpack-create A Two-tier-affiliate-program

In just a few clicks, you instantly have commission plans for a 2-Tier Affiliate Program built and ready to track commissions for your affiliates!

ClickFunnels-Backpack-create A Two-tier-affiliate-program-1

Now you can add an Affiliate Program to the back of ANY ClickFunnels sales funnel or any funnel with just TWO simple pages!

The first page is your affiliate page (where your affiliates will go to login to create their affiliate accounts and login to your affiliate program)!

Let’s see how to create your Affiliate Page:

Step (i) From The Funnel Page, Click “Add New Step”


Step (ii) Select “Affiliates” And Choose “Affiliate Access” Page


Step (iii) Edit The Page With Information About Your Affiliate Program!


The second page is your affiliate center. This is the place where your affiliates will find tools that they can use to promote your products. 

You can give them banner ads, sample emails they can use and more. They can also check their stats and see the sales they have made inside of this affiliate center.

Let’s show you how to create your affiliate center.

Step (i) From The Funnel Page, Click “Add New Step”


Step (ii) Select “Affiliates” And Choose “Affiliate Area” Page


And that’s it, If you can pick a favorite Affiliate Page design template from a drop-down menu, you can create an Affiliate Program!

You don’t need a tech guru and burn thousands of dollars on them, it’s that simple with ClickFunnels just drag, drop and add. It just takes two more pages to your funnel and you have built affiliate program for your product.

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step 3-Clickfunnels-Backpack

ClickFunnels Backpack Makes SIMPLE For Your Affiliates To Promote Your Product!

The “Affiliate Area Page” acts as a central ‘Dashboard’ for your affiliates…

The place where your affiliates can access any helpful promotional materials that you want to provide for them:

Banners, swipe copy, testimonials, email templates, articles, links. Any tools or resources that can help them do a better job of promoting for you!

This page is SO helpful to me for 2 reasons:

(1) The easier I make it for my affiliates, the more they promote for me!

(2) I can give them the BEST images, banners, email copy, or any content that converts the best. I want to provide them with resources that will produce the highest amount of targeted traffic.

How To Design Your Affiliate Area:

Step (i) Choose The Affiliate Center Page

ClickFunnels-Backpack-Affiliate Area Design

Step (ii) Click the “Edit Page”

ClickFunnels-Backpack-Affiliate Area Design1

Step (iii) Edit The Details, Add In Banner Ads / Email Samples / Swipes

ClickFunnels-Backpack-Affiliate Area Design

Once you added your tools and resources in, your promoters will have everything they need to promote your product all on ONE convenient place!

And, if you want to take things REALLY to the Next Level inside your Affiliate Area…

With Clickfunnels Backpack You Can Run CONTESTS!

Affiliates LOVE contest or competition, especially if a reward is at stake!

With Backpack, you can run contests and give bonuses or prizes to your top affiliates and referral partners.

How you run contests is ABSOLUTELY up to you…

step 4 -Clickfunnels-Backpack

Managing Your Affiliate Program Was Never That Much Easier!


With your Affiliate Dashboard, you can get a quick, “at-a-glance” view of your Affiliate Stats.

Your affiliate dashboard will track and report:

    • What your affiliates are promoting
    • Who is making you money
    • Your Daily Affiliate Snapshot
    • Your Affiliate sales and income
    • How much money paid to Affiliates

THERE IS NO EXTRA SETUP NEEDED for your Affiliate Dashboard! Our built-in Affiliate Tracking and Reporting system automatically generate all the key statistics and analytics for you on Dashboard.

To PAY Out Commission To Your Affiliates:

  • ​Verify the payment amount to be released to each affiliate using your reports (if you wish)
  • Hit the “Pay Now” button
  • You’ll be taken straight to PayPal for easy, direct payment (Or, if you like to do things old-school, you can write them out a check!)

Now, all you need to do is figure out how to fill all of your extra time. (you’re welcome) 🙂

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