ClickFunnels Pays 40% Monthly Recurring Commissions to its affiliates till the customer referred by affiliate keep using any ClickFunnels product month after month, that is how to make money with Clickfunnels in 2020.

Normally ClickFunnels comes with two Pricing packages, ClickFunnels Basic Pricing is 97$/month and ClickFunnels Etison Pricing is 297$ monthly, the latter has more features and less or no limitations on Numbers of Funnels, Landing Pages and visitors to your landing pages or funnels, So with basic packages every person you sent as an affiliate you will get 38.80$ Monthy and with basic Package you are going to get 118.80$ Monthy.


That is just for ClickFunnels Software or you can say ClickFunnels SAAS(software as a service), there are many other products and services you can promote in ClickFunnels and can take your commission to almost 1000$ per person you sent to ClickFunnels as an affiliate, and the good thing is ClickFunnels uses sticky cookies which means if you referred one person to ClickFunnels and he uses your affiliate link to join Clickfunnels or bought any other ClickFunnels product, you are going to get the commissions of him everything he buys from ClickFunnels for life, it is cookie to you, this is where Clickfunnels support team come in and promote that product and if that person buys anything or upgrade you will get the commissions. That is How to make money with Clickfunnels in 2020.

There are even more ways to make money with ClickFunnels as an affiliate if the person you referred joins Clickfunnels and purchases FunnelHacks Masterclass you can get 398.80$ one-time commission from every affiliate along with your ClickFunnels Monthly Recurring Revenue MRR. Hence Sky is the limit of money you can earn with ClickFunnels as an Affiliate.

Note: Keep in mind that if you are using Clickfunnels, you are automatically are a Clickfunnels affiliate and can promote any Clickfunnels products and earn money.

Clickfunnels Pricing & Features Vs Other Funnel Builders Comparison:


ClickFunnels is a drag-and-drop sales funnel builder/landing page builder that combines landing pages into different steps to make online sales. The best part about ClickFunnels is that no coding knowledge is required! Included in the ClickFunnels cost is most major email integrations with major payment providers.

clickfunnels-email-integrations-payment processors

CEO of ClickFunnels Russell Brunson GIVES away his business secrets!


Clickfunnels Official Affiliate Training 

ClickFunnels team has created the best FREE affiliate training to help you have the greatest success the fastest way possible. Just click here or the below image to join.


How ClickFunnels Affiliate Commissions are paid

ClickFunnels pays commissionsC to affiliates on the 1st and 15th of each month after the 30 day refund period and as long as there is a minimum of $100 earned.

To receive commissions you have to be registered with their payment provider, Tipalti. Which is a simple process and then you can receive your earning through wire transfer in your local bank.


ClickFunnels Charity and Contributions to Community

For every funnel you launch, ClickFunnels donates $1 to World Teacher Aid to help educate kids in Kenya! That’s a great initiative to help poor kids to educate them and eliminate poverty from third world countries.


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