Do you Want to Know How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliates or Amazon Associates as that’s their Official Name? If Yes! You are in the right place.

As you may have known that Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces on the planet with net revenue of more than 280 billion dollars in the last year 2019.

Below is the graph is shown of Amazon’s net revenue from the year 2004 to 2019.

amazon net revnue from 2004 to 2019.png

Amazon’s share of the total US eCommerce market is projected to hit 49%, up from 48% in 2018. In total, Amazon accounts for more than 5% of the total US online and offline sales.

On top of that, in 2020, Amazon is predicted to account for 13.7% of the worldwide online retail market sales.

With that much money on the table, you can take the piece of the pie of those hundreds of billions of dollars of Amazon’s revenue with Amazon associate program.

Amazon has an affiliate program where you can promote any product and earn up to 10% commission which might seem low but when you think about almost everything is available on Amazon from grocery stuff to Rolex watches worth several hundred thousand dollars.

Benefits of Amazon 24 Hour Cookie in Making More Money

Not just that you also have the chance of availing Amazon 24 hour cookie, it means if the person goes to Amazon through your link, but doesn’t purchase right away and then buy anything in 24 hour time, you will get the commissions for products he will buy within 24 hours.

That’s why the Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate methods to make money online. You just have to leverage the Amazon name.

How to get approved for the Amazon associate program?

Getting approved for the Amazon associate program is very easy, you just need any website or blog on or any other social profile like YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook page, Facebook group or any other social network profile.

That’s the first part where you will be approved temporarily on your provided website or social media profile. After that you will be given 180 days to make at least three sales from your affiliate links, if you can make three sales within 180 days you will be the permanent Amazon affiliate and continue to make money online otherwise you have to start again and apply for Amazon affiliate program once again.


Amazon Commission Rates for Specific Product Categories



Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins

Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry
Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial Supplies
Outdoors, Tools
Digital Music, Grocery, Physical Music, Handmade, Digital Videos
Physical Books, Health & Personal Care, Sports, Kitchen, Automotive, Baby Products
Amazon Fire Tablet Devices, Amazon Kindle Devices, Amazon Fashion Women’s, Men’s & Kids Private Label, Apparel, Amazon Cloud Cam Devices, Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Devices, Amazon Echo Devices, Ring Devices, Watches, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, and Handbags & Accessories
Amazon Fresh, Toys
PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray
Televisions, Digital Video Games
Physical Video Games & Video Game Consoles
Gift Cards; Wireless Service Plans; Alcoholic Beverages; Digital Kindle Products purchased as a subscription; Food prepared and delivered from a restaurant; Amazon Appstore, Prime Now, Amazon Pay Places, or Prime Wardrobe Purchases
All Other Categories 4.00%

Why You Should Be A Part Of Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program is free to join, it works worldwide, it is the easiest way to start making money online with little or no knowledge of affiliate marketing, beginner-friendly method to earn online, I myself first started as an amazon affiliate and further in the post I will share with you my experience, how you can earn money with Amazon Affiliate program with both quick way and also long term passive way.

You can join Amazon Affiliate Program or the Amazon Associates Program.

Click any of the above links and then click Join Now for Free


and then click Create Your Amazon Account enter Name, Email, and Password and create your Account


After that, you will need to enter your website or social profiles as I have mentioned in the beginning, submit your tax information and hopefully, in a few days of the time, your amazon associate account will be approved. Then you just have to make at least 3 sales in the next 180 days to permanently approved your account.

How to Make Money with amazon affiliate

Let’s start the real deal and find How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliates

1. Blog/Website

After years of experience as an amazon affiliate, I have come to the point that the best way to earn from the amazon affiliate program is through a blog or a niche website.

The reason is this the blog or website traffic is warm traffic which converts really well. You have to do the work once and reap the rewards time after time and up to several years.

It is like passive income which takes time in the beginning but once, it is started it keeps on increasing and makes you more money with time and then you can sell this asset in the future and earn a lot more money at once. But if you don’t want to sell it will keep you making money for a long period of time without doing any large amount of work.

It will become your asset like in real estate it’s the property which is your asset here this blog or website will be your asset. But keep in mind if you want to start a website or blog, start with a niche, do some keyword research and find a specific niche and start building it with content, the more narrow down your niche, the more quickly you are going to make money with it.

The Platform I recommend to make a website is WordPress and Hosting Provider which is reliable and fast is A2 Hosting


2. Youtube

The second most trusted and reliable method to make money as an amazon affiliate is through Youtube, it is the 2nd most searched website on the planet after Google, the first method I told you will help your website to rank in google.

This method is going to help your content to get seen on Youtube, Youtube is the new TV for people they spent their lot of time on Youtube Watching Videos, there is an insane amount of potential for you on Youtube, people are making a huge amount of money through youtube with small channels, and like google or organic traffic it is passive as well.

You have to shoot or record video once and it will keep you making money as long as it is there on your channel if you are camera shy you can just record your screen and just record your voice and screen.

If you want to do product reviews on youtube which is huge, you can just unbox it, show people how it looks out of the box, put your Amazon affiliate link in the description of the video and start making money. There are lots of Youtube videos you can watch online and learn how to make money on Youtube as an Amazon Affiliate.




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