How Hammock Suite Works

Here is the Hammock Suite Review by Cindy Donovan, Which is is your step by step program that, if you follow it all the way to the end you can Succeed.

There are 20 steps in total. Just follow along and have some fun with us!

Everything is something you’re absolutely able to do, whatever your skill level, so take your time to watch each of the videos, follow the steps in Hammock Suite and be rewarded while building your own automated businesses at the same time!

This entire program will take you between 2hrs or up to 8hrs work time to complete.

There’s no time limit, it’s not a race – so work it in at your own pace. Set aside some time each day, do a piece at a time and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Note: First I am going to explain about the Pricing,Features and Gifts you will receive with Hammock Suite’s Different Products, then you can read below the Hammock Suite Review.

Hammock Suite GOES LIVE In

Hammock Suite Review Access & Prizes

Hammock Suite Digital

If you are going to buy the Hammock Suite Digital you will get access to these tools in just 24.95 from 12 December 2019 and price will keep going up with every passing hour, keep that in mind. With Hammock Suite Digital You’ll receive the series of step by step videos and access to the three easy to use software tools. PHYSICAL GIFTS which includes Hammock Suite hammock (no shipping required). So you are already even Aren’t you ?

Hammock Suite Program High End Offers

Ultimate Survivor Stash


Option 1: $27/m
Option 2: $97/yr
Option 3: One Time Payment $297

Members will receive the following in this all-inclusive suite:
Hosted & Managed DFY Funnels:
Your choice of 5 (with 70 different niche funnels to choose from) completely done for you/managed affiliate marketing funnels
(they do EVERYTHING for you, including pages built, hosted and lifetime email promos sent on your behalf with your affiliate links on all pages and in all promos forever)

YT Engine Software Access:
Never-before released YouTube ad targeting software suite
(it discovers untapped goldmines for a few cents per lead)
– Generate targeted YouTube video channel audits, with export function
– Find laser targeted audiences and exact channels for cheap ads
– YT keyword generator, dominate niches a month with this add-on
(each function has 10 search credits per month for starter members – or 60 per month for our deluxe members)

Traffic Ivy Membership:
Alternative traffic software membership, allows you to test your campaigns with free traffic first and then take winning campaigns to (cheaply) paid for REAL results

Hammock Suite Shortcut (Video Series):
Step by step video training showing you how to use this suite of software, perfect for complete beginners.

Hammock Suite Challenge:
They have taken each action and broken it down into fun, manageable milestones.

Complete all of these community and mentor supported activities and we’ll ship them an exclusive Hammock Suite hammock (no shipping required).

Hammock Suite Whitelabel


Hammock Suite Whitelabel ($97 one-time)

Hammock Suite Whitelabel members receive:

  • Unlimited searches unlocked for all features of the YT Engine software
  • Export your YT Engine channel analysis reports
  • Automatically whitelabel the exported reports with your own logo
  • Commercial licensing to distribute unlimited whitelabelled exported reports
  • Add-on: YT Backlinks, one backlink finder from YouTube search engine
  • Add-on: YT Editor, find and edit images and spin/rewrite descriptions and add CTA’s
  • Video Thumbnails Images: 500+ (In all Major Niches)
  • Channel Art: 120 (In all Major Niches)
  • Subscribe Animation: (20 Alternatives)
  • End Screen Template: (20 Alternatives)
  • Lower Third Template: (500 To Choose From)
  • Logo opener Template: (20 to customise)
  • Motion Elements & Video Transitions: (30 templates)
  • Countdown Timer Video Templates: (10 templates)
  • All Come with Developer License

Members can edit thumbnails, jpg’s, png’s etc in our inhouse image editor.  All other Templates come in Power Point (PPT) file format ready for you to use/customise and create your ads.

NOTE: This software provides unlimited searches, however each user’s account relies on connecting to Google’s API which has a generous cap of 5,000 daily searches (per account).

Hammock Suite Whitelabel Review

STEP #1 & #2: Welcome!

Step 3: Discovery Time! What’s Your ‘Thing’?

In this step you have to choose your niche from 3 top affiliate networks, there are two ways to choose, one traditional and other boring way to choose your niche in Hammock Suite Program.

Discovery Time! What's Your 'Thing - Hammock Suite.

Step 4: Affiliate Account Creation

Here they show how to create affiliate accounts in case if you don’t have an account with topAffiliate Networks.

Step 5: The BETTER (+Easier!) Way To Do Affiliate Marketing


Step 6: Done For You Affiliate Funnels Overview
Done For You Affiliate Funnels Overview-Hammock Suite

Step 7: Done For You Affiliate Funnels Setup

Step 8: Choosing & Activating Your First Mission

Step 9: Understanding & Setting Up Tracking

Step 10: Activating Power Tracking With Google

Step 11: Easy guide to making video ads that bring in more cash

Step 12: Using Software To Find Your Target Audience

Using Software To Find Your Target Audience-Hammock Suite

Step 13: Your First Google Ad Campaign

Step 14: Getting Traffic While You Wait

Getting Traffic While You Wait -Hammock Suite - Cindy Donovan

Step 15: Hammock Suite Complete Overview

In this video you will be revised all the previous steps briefly so you know what has happened in the previous steps of Hammock Suite before going forward.

Step 16: Using Your Google Ads Dashboard

Using Your Google Ads Dashboard - Hammock Suite

Step 17: Understanding How Much A Sign Up Costs

You will learn how to calculate CPA, CPL and other analytics in this video of HammockSuite Program.

Step 18: Tweaking Your Ads For Improving Your (ROI)

Here you will learn how to make necessary changes to your ads to increase your return on investment also known as ROI the higher the better.

Step 19: Scaling For Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

In this video of Hammock Suite, you will learn how to scale your business as much as you want. if some of your ads are performing well, how you can increase the budget of your ads to get more profit.

Step 20: Complete, What Next?

I have gone through all the course and have completed all 20 steps of Hammock Suite in a few 2-3 hours, it is well structured program and has huge potential to earn huge commissions.

That’s because you just have to put your Affiliate programs IDs and the rest will be done by Hammock Suite team, before that you also have to choose your niche and also they have got only top products on every niche you can promote, also the main benefit will come when they are going to send their email subscribers emails with your affiliate links then sky is the limit how much you can earn.

The other benefit of taking this course is they will show you how to use Google Ads and that on YouTube, which is very valuable knowledge only a few people teaches Google Ads properly and how to test different ads and scale up.

I Highly recommend this Program and that is the reason I am doing this Hammock Suite Review if you are going to buy this Course from my Link, i am going to give you a special bonuses to grow your business further.

keep in mind that product will launch on 12 Dec 2019 and price of Hammock Suite in the first hour ealybird price is 24.95 and then it will keep increasing hourly and daily depend on when you buy this product.

After one week price will be 67$ but you can  use coupon code SAVE20 (making price $47.00).

Hammock Suite Bonuses

Not only you are going to get Bonuses below but also BLOX by Mark Bishop, Paolo Beringuel Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Course value 497$, Drell Jones Clickbank Course value 197$ and Zach Crawford – Top Earner Method value 997$ a 7 figure Top Affiliate Marketer where he will show everything he has done in his career, even 7 figure marketer Sebastian Gomez is his Student where he covers his Case Study Method how he teaches Sebastian methods to earn 7 figure. When you buy from any link through this article just send us email at and we will send you your high value Hammock Suite bonuses.

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