As-Salaam-Alaikum (peace be upon you)   &  Hello

welcome to my personal lifestyle blog! I created this blog in order to help me improve my financial situation, keep track of my progress, and to help my audience improve their financial Condition along as well.


My name is Muhammad Yousuf Jamil and I am from my childhood like to glue myself to Computer especially Computer with the Internet . Now, I am living with my parents, I have been doing Affiliate Marketing, little bit Blogging and  E-Commerce Business from 2 years, earning is just fine to maintain my monthly expenses but not big enough to brag about.


I am a young man who graduated from Engineering university in May of 2013, my degree was Telecommunication Engineering because I don’t know before I have to study electrical subjects more than computer subjects but somehow I graduated with a degree with not so high grades, from that time I applied online for jobs but with a cold response, join two companies in 2016 & 2017 but after a year I quit my job because of low salary and I also didn’t like the work and very long time routine 6 days a week 9 to 6 in my case it was 1 hour more.


I then started to search for ways to make money online from Home, watched lots of Entrepreneurs videos on YouTube, lots of courses I watched to learn the ways to make money from the comfort of your home because, I knew doing a job is a lot more work with less reward and I want to do something for myself and wanted financial freedom to live the life according to my terms, didn’t want to be controlled by someone else, wanted to be my own boss.


I learned a lot from good Entrepreneurs and Courses I took less action then I should have but now I want to put what I have learned into a blog and help myself as well as my audience to improve the Financial Situation of both. I do recommend you also start a blog, in your passion, interest, or anything you have knowledge about.



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